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"How I Met Myself" de David A. Hill

Los miembros del Reading Club se encuentran... ¿con ellos mismos? Al meenos eso es lo que le ocurre al protagonista de este relato.

How I Met Myself / David A. HillThe book
One icy winter's evening in Budapest, John Taylor is on his way home from the office when a man runs into him and knocks him over. The man turns to say sorry and John is amazed at what he sees: the man is John's double. The double rushes away but leaves no footprints in the snow. Over the next year it becomes clear to John that the meeting was no accident and that his double has a very important message to give him. His relationship with his wife declined from time to time because he had spent most of time investigating the reason he met the double and his wife said he was going crazy. Thinking about the incident, John remembered. That day the cafe owner asked John Taylor's wife to help him look after his cafe as he wanted to send his mother to the doctors. When John reached home, he saw a note lefty his wife informing him that she brought his daughter along to the cafe. Then he realized that his double was giving him a message about the danger his wife and daughter faced.

The author
David A. HillDavid A. Hill was born in 1942 in Napier (New Zealand). He graduated with honors from Victoria University of Wellington in 1964 and dedicated to teaching English in high schools in New Zealand and England until 1982, when he decided to be a full-time writer.
His work includes fiction, plays and reviews and articles in newspapers and magazines, both in New Zealand and abroad. His works, ranging from illustrated books to novels for young adults, have been published worldwide, translated into several languages and even adapted for radio broadcast. He is also a frequent speaker at literary festivals.
With 'See Ya Simon' he won in 1994 el Times Educational Supplement Award for Special Needs. In 2002 he won Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-loved Book. Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit since 2004, the following year he won the Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal and Lecture Award. In 2013, 'My Brother's War' won the Junior Fiction Award at the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.
He likes to write for teenagers because he sees them an exciting and challenging audience: sophisticated readers, who live in a stage where they are coming across many new ideas and experiences in their lives for the forst time.
He currently lives in New Plymouth.

If you do not want or cannot participate in the Reading Club but you are interested in reading this work, it is at your disposal in the Biblioteca Municipal de Burgos.

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