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"East 43rd Street" de Alan Battersby

East 43rd Street / Alan BattersbyThe book
Nat Marley left the New York Police Department years ago. Now he earns his life as a private detective. A few days before Christmas he meets a beautiful woman in a bar. She catches his attention and decides to follow her, but he loses her among the crowd in Manhattan. The next day, he finds her waiting in his office. She asks good man Nat to go to Central Station to pick up a suitcase, so he offers to pay him $ 2,000. Our detective smells something weird and decides to take precautions. Soon finds himself involved in a case of criminal activity involving fraud, computer hacking and kidnap.
Nat is an old school detective. Many of us can recognize Humphrey Bogart, either playing Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe. The plot respects all the commandments of the genre: Nat is a tough guy, experienced and without much faith in the world. The police are a bit slow and easily deceived. Only Marley's code of ethics can solve criminal cases, not being tempted by money or women.
The great virtue of Alan Battersby is to offer a good sample of colloquial and current English without hindering reading comprehension.

The author
Alan BattersbyAlan Battersby has taught at language schools in Italy and Cambridge and has always taken an interest in writing language learning materials. After completing a Master's in Second Language Materials Development, he decided to go freelance. Now resident in rural France, he divides his time between writing, gardening and DIY. He makes regular trips back to the UK to teach at Anglia Ruskin University.
His interests include travel, cookery and traditional music and he plays flute, banjo and mandolin. He takes a particular interest in learning about all aspects of life, culture and language of the United States, which he draws upon for his readers, all written in American English.
Some of the works he has written are East 43rd Street, High Life, Low Life and This Time it's Personal.

If you do not want or cannot participate in the Reading Club but you are interested in reading this work, it is at your disposal in the Biblioteca Municipal de Burgos.

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